Noise and Vibration

Our experience in mechanical noise and vibration control provides a strong quality assurance to the project, we specialize in mechanical systems noise and vibration control analysis and recommendations, we offer services: :

 HVAC systems

 Outdoor mechanical equipment

 Clean Room noise and vibration applications

 Compressor noise

 Pump noise

 Hydraulic system noise

 Chiller noise

 Cooling tower noise

 Supply air and ventilation noise analysis

 Existing noise investigations

 Vibration analysis

We work as part of the design team to help our clients in:

 SD Phase, Design Development, Construction Development

 Assist in setting construction budgets

 Acoustical remodeling and retrofitting

 Addressing potential noise issues

 Existing noise investigations, diagnostics and recommendations

 Bids reviewing to help insure the best interests of the clients are taken into consideration in terms of functionality and price

 Construction administration Services to verify execution of design and integrity of construction on client's behalf

If you would like to enquire more about our services, contact us by phone or email